Dadu Shin

Cool illustrations by Dadu Shin.  Check out the site here and the blog here.



                                                   The PIG Presents
                                               Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, MiamiUSA

sketch for arc de triomphe

                                                              Hase / Rabbit / Coniglio
                                                            Artesina, Piemont, Italy
                                                                     2005 - 2025

Klunk Garden

                                                    Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Gelitin is a group of sculptors/ performers from Vienna Austria. Since, as the story goes, the four met at summer camp in 1978, the four have been turning out what I think is some of the most interesting performative artwork right now. Check out their website for more--they're really awesome--give them a lookity look look at www.gelitin.net.

Gary Panter

Work by Gary Panter, illustrator/painter/designer, born 1950.  He's best known for his comic Jimbo and his set design for Pee Wee's Playhouse.  Check out more on his website here.  Also theres a great interview at VBS.TV here.


Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu is a Japanese illustrator based out of NYC. Has a lot of cool work on her website here.

Mike Bertino

Work by Mike Bertino.  Check out his website here.

Kim Dorland

Kim Dorland is a fairly young painter(born 1976) from Canada who is making some pretty fantastic work right now. He recently finished his solo show at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York this summer, which I thought was one of the best shows this summer. his paintings are as violent and unsettlingly visceral as they are inviting and elegant. Big fan! give them a look.  Check out more at Mark Moore Gallery here or at Mike Weiss gallery here.


Kristine Moran

"Trick Door"


"You used to be Alright what Happened"

"Mother of the Bride"

"Leda and the Swan"

Kristine Moran works with the idea of "dissolving notions of the self through painting," by abstracting the representational and allowing concrete narratives to become more open-ended.
Represented by the Nicelle Beauchene Gallery.

Chie Fueki

Chie Fueki's paintings are highly intricate and visually stunning.  I have really been enjoying Chie's paintings lately, they always seem to be incredibly simple and complicated at the exact same time.
I have had the pleasure of seeing her work at both "Paper Tails" at NYU Steindhart and "Thisorginized" at Susan Inglett in Chelsea. If your coming through New York anytime soon, both these shows are a total must!  Check her out at Mary Boone Gallery here.


Michelle Hailey

"Caves and Mountains"

"Plein Air Painting"

"Between Valleys"

 "In the Studio"

"Other People's Sunsets"

Michelle Hailey explores her "disconnected experience" with nature and the resulting battle between isolation and belonging. Represented by the Dorsch Gallery.


Abel Auer

"The Taste Land"

"Im Brunnen Lauren Die Taubstummen"

"Purple Hate"

"Sun Express"

"The Dark Side of Everything"

Abel Auer claims that "painting is dead," but still likes to "play with the corpse."
Read an interview by David Yu on ArtSlant.

Brian Bolland

Awesome work by British comics artist Brian Bolland.  Known mostly for his covers for Judge Dredd and 2000 AD, but hes also worked a ton on Batman, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, etc.  Check out his website where he has hundreds of images, including his covers, interiors, amateur and process work, here.