Julienne Hsu

Images from Julienne Hsu's series "Routine," made when she lived near a dog park.
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Moebius and Hayao Miyazaki

The above video was used to promote an exhibition in Monnaie de Paris called Moebius et Miyazaki: Deux Artistes Dont Les Dessins Prennent Vie (Two Artists' Drawings Taking on a Life of Their Own).  The show was composed of 300 drawings and showed from December 2004 to April 2005.  There is a translated interview between the two which you should check out here.  

Inka Essenhigh

"Minor Sea Gods of Maine"

 "Lower East Side"

 "Molly Waiting in Field"



Inka Essenhigh reinterprets the banality of modern life as surreal and theatrical. Her imagery is grotesque yet humorous in its honesty about the routines and plasticity of American pop culture.
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Represented by the 303 Gallery (New York) and the Victoria Miro Gallery (London).


Francisco Goya Prints

The prints that Francisco Goya did are some of my favorite images of all time.  He really did amazing and innovative things with value, line, and composition.  I had a hard time just putting up 5, so be sure to take a look at his Los Caprichos, his Disasters of War, and his Los Disparates prints.  Thanks to wikimedia commons for all the high res images.


Frank R. Paul

Frank Rudolph Paul was a sci fi pulp cover illustrator, who worked successfully during the 1920's.  He was the first person to ever paint a space station or a flying saucer.  He also illustrated the cover or Marvel Comics issue 1.  Check out this gallery of his pulp covers here.


Nicolas de Crecy

Nicolas De Crécy is a French illustrator, comic writer, and designer. He has published many comic books and is also known for creating the backgrounds and environments in Sylvain Chomet's short film The Old Lady and the Pigeons, which won a BAFTA award, the grand prize at the Annecy Film Festival, and an Oscar nomination for best animated short. Check out his blog here.

Joe Bowler

Really awesome illustrations by Joe Bowler, a 40's/50's illustrator.  It makes sense that Coby Whitmore was Bowler's mentor and friend.  Check out this flickr gallery of his illustration work here, or on his website you can see what he has been working on lately.  (figurative painting and portraiture)

Allison Schulnik

 "Performance #2"

"The Funeral Party #2"

 "Big Wooly Monkey Head"

 "Girl with Animal"
"Hobo Clown #2"

Allison Schulnik's sculptural oils embody a Shakespearian sense of comedy and tragedy. Her heavy impasto technique also references her clay animation pieces which further her study of farce. 
Reminds me of a contemporary James Ensor (see previous post.)
Watch her videos (including her collaboration with Grizzly Bear) here.
Represented by the Mark Moore Gallery.


Kelsey Henderson

"Betsey Bed"

"Masha Bed II"



 "Masha Bed"
Kelsey Henderson uses human skin to explore the idea of the "Platonic crush," a nonjudgmental and nonsexual attraction to beauty.
Find more on her MoMA PS1 studio visit.


Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake (b. 1932) is an English cartoonist, author, and children's book illustrator.  Most famous for the Roald Dahl books that he illustrated.  Head over to his website here.  Or check out Roald Dahl's website for some other images.