Don Lawrence

Great stuff by British comics artist Don Lawrence (1928-2003).  Find more on his site here or on Comic Art Fans here.



Ferdinand Hodler

Paintings by Art Nouveau painter Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918).  Find more here and here.


David Prosser

Nice work from Royal College of Art grad,  David Prosser. Check out his
website here!


Glen Chapron

Cool stuff by French illustrator and comics artist Glen Chapron.  Find more on his blog here.

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Jake Wyatt

You can always look to Jake Wyatt for excellent drawing, coloring, and fan art.  Find more of Jake's work on his blog here and his tumblr here.


Jacques Tardi

Great work by french comics artist Jacques Tardi (b.1946).  Find more on Comic Art Fans here.  Also here and here.

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Brad Holland

Awesome work by Brad Holland.  These are all illustrations he did for Playboy magazine between 1960s-1980s.  Find more on his website here and on book story here.

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Desrumaux Celine

Illustration and Animation work from Desrumaux Celine. Be sure to check out her blog and vimeo page to see more of her work!

Franz Von Stuck

Paintings by German Symbolist and Art Nouveau painter Franz Von Stuck (1863-1928).  FInd more of his work here, here, and here.

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Warwick Johnson Cadwell (WJC)

Cool stuff from illustrator and comics artist Warwick Johnson Cadwell.  Find more on his blog here and on his tumblr here.

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