Nicolas de Crecy

Nicolas De Crécy is a French illustrator, comic writer, and designer. He has published many comic books and is also known for creating the backgrounds and environments in Sylvain Chomet's short film The Old Lady and the Pigeons, which won a BAFTA award, the grand prize at the Annecy Film Festival, and an Oscar nomination for best animated short. Check out his blog here.


  1. Surprisingly he had nothing to do with Triplets of Belleville. De Crecy had previously worked with the director/animator, Sylvain Chomet on various comics and The Lady With Pigeons. When The Triplets of Belleville came out De Crecy accused Chomet of plagiarizing his work, and De Crecy never worked with Chomet again. :/

  2. Yeah, its too bad that that happened; they made a good team and both of them have amazing work.